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On site we have arranged for long-term parking of caravans (more about this further down) in addition to short-term stays in caravans or tents. (Price-list)


We carried out extensive improvements to the space during 2007/2008. A new sanitary facility was built, which was put into operation in June -08. We have improved the campsite for caravans. Both for short term and long-term parking. We also have room for guests with tents.

In the autumn of 2023, we had a flood at the campsite. There was extensive damage to the grounds outside and inside the sanitary facility.

It was upgraded with new floors and walls in most rooms. New power poles were installed

This should be attractive place both for winter and summer.


We want to establish Rybakken as a good place to be either in a comfortable caravan or in a tent with close contact with nature. You as guests will have a central starting point regardless of the season. In the summer, our guests can enjoy themselves with a stroll down to the river bank for some fishing or relaxation. In the improvment we have provided good access to the river. In the winter, Hafjell Alpine Resort is located directly across the river from us with beautiful slopes or cross country trails in the mountain.


Rybakken is a calm and peaceful haven, a small place with charm. You will be able to retreat to a relaxing place after exciting days in the surrounding area. In the summer you should be able to experience a little "farm life" with the animals that graze right in the vicinity, in a rural setting.


The sanitary facilities contain traditional showers/WC, dishwashing room and two family bathrooms (one is handicap accessible). We will focus on quality and that it will be good to be a guest at Rybakken Camping!


Contact us by phone for ordering!

(970 93 730)

For long-term parking of caravan see below.

Those who want a space for long-term parking of caravans and mobile homes can contact us. Allocation of space is done according to the "First-come, first-served principle".


Please send us a mail/letter where you leave your name, address and telephone number. If you want you could tell us little about yourself in the inquiry. We will prioritize inquiry in the order they enter. At the same time, we will consider requested allocations of place to those who have a basis for it. We want us to get guests who thrive together and create a good environment. We will contact anyone who sends a request to us.

Great! Your message has been received.

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